Souvenir at the end of the year and at the beginning of the year

We eagerly awaited whether this year there would be a farewell souvenir for the fading year and a welcome souvenir for the new year.

And yes, the message came from Groundspeak. Something has also been come up for New Year's Eve 2020 and New Year's 2021.

Souvenirs are colorful pictures that are available from Groundspeak as a reward for a specific cache, for visiting a certain event or a specific country, or even for caches on a certain day. If you want to read it a little more: Souvenirs while geocaching

Since we probably won't all have the opportunity to visit an event on New Year's Eve or New Year's this year, both souvenirs are available for a longer period of time. The year 2020 can be earned for the colorful picture in the period from December 24th to 31st, 2020. All you have to do is find a cache in the week mentioned. There is also the souvenir “Hello 2021” for a cache found between January 1st and 8th, 2021. That should be possible for everyone here.

It is important to keep checking which types of cache are counted towards the acquisition of the souvenir. This time 10 cache types lead to success:
- Tradi

- Multi
- Mystery
- Letterbox
- Earthcache
- Virtual
- Webcam-Cache
- Where-I-Go
but also the Labcaches are part of it and interestingly Groundspeak also mentions the event as an opportunity to purchase the souvenir. This may be a transmission error, because the possibility of holding an event until January 8, 2021 is currently quite limited, at least in Germany. But if you can visit an event during this period, you would certainly have the souvenir.

And what kind of pictures are it this year?
You can see the two pictures on our cover photo. It's about Kintsugi. This is a traditional Japanese art that uses a liquid precious metal to mend the shards of broken pottery. The error or blemish is meant to be visible, but is refined. This art form honors the flaw in the pottery, makes it visible and is intended to be a fitting metaphor for the end-of-year souvenir.

Let's bury 2020 and ring in the new year with a special Groundspeak souvenir, of course!

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