Geocaching in Cambodia

This is how you get to one of the most famous Lost Places in the world!

If you want to explore Southeast Asia, you can do this really well from Thailand. So it is also just a short hop to Cambodia. The distance is manageable, there are daily flights at very low prices and the visa requirements can also be implemented flexibly on the spot. I had the “Visa on Arrival” after 30 minutes and for 30 US dollars. Even if you don't have a photo with you, you can get a visa (albeit for an additional charge of 4 dollars).

If you are traveling alone, you will find a whole range of cheap and good
AirBnB offers in Siam Riep. I also took this opportunity and landed a real stroke of luck! My host is so nice and well equipped, it couldn't be better.
If you're in the area yourself, you should definitely check in at Chhorda! Included in the service: pick-up from the airport, bicycle, moped, bananas in the room, excursion to the local nightlife, great conversations, ... Really great guy and a very clean room! The drive from the airport was special. You often see tuk-tuks here, but I've never been in one. The driver was waiting for me at the airport with a sign and he was very friendly. The trip was exciting, you see so much of the area
and don't have to pay attention to the traffic yourself. Most private providers also have this service, as do the numerous local hotels.

In the evening I rode my bike downtown and tried the three existing caches. I "found" two of them (they were handed to me), unfortunately not the third one. Apparently, hidden caches don't last that long here, but the staff at both hotels knew all about it. Then I let some fish clean my feet. This feels very strange
but quickly becomes a pleasant experience. The corresponding stands
can often be seen in the city.

The next morning I got up very early in order to arrive at the temples without the hordes of tourists. That also worked well! First, however, I had to buy a ticket. They've gotten pretty expensive. Every year
the prices are raised. News (2017) For a one-day ticket you put $37 on the table, for three days $62 and for the week ticket $72. That's quite a lot when
you consider what else you can buy for it in Asia. But it's also worth it. The
temples are so great! With the ticket in my pocket, I was able to enter the temple from 7 a.m. and visit it in relative peace. I couldn't get out of the traffic jam all day. It is simply unbelievable what people accomplished here hundreds of years ago. It's even more amazing how nature reclaims it. The combination of ancient walls and huge trees growing on
under them is unique. I could hardly get enough of it!

Geocaching in the footsteps of Lara Croft

Phnom Bakheng, Bayon, Ta Prohm, Angkor Wat - is there a bell ringing? These are the temples that served as the backdrop for the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Some of the local impressions should therefore be familiar to some. If you want to recreate the scenes from the film, you should definitely complete the "Tomb Raider: the Sequel" ( cache. No weapons, please!

Either way, the 9 caches in the area are a good guide for a temple
exploration tour. Again, it shows that geocaching can easily take over the function of a
travel guide. Through the game and the geocaches, I've definitely been to the
most relevant places and got a good overview. I rode the geocaches
by bike and got around quite a bit. The tuk tuk drivers on site
also offer tours. So a visit is possible for every constitution.
In the facilities themselves you can move around quite freely. There are signs here and there and there are also supervisory staff, but a lot is not regulated. I searched partly off the beaten track and was alone for a long time. I haven't come across a
comparable world heritage site where you can look around so undisturbed.

There is no need to worry about catering on site. There are
enterprising women and girls everywhere who want to sell you fruit, drinks and souvenirs. I often grabbed the fruit! But please never forget to act. Basically everything is offered for a dollar. Of course, locals only pay a fraction of that. With a bit of haggling, foreigners can also get cheaper prices.

Exciting nightlife in Siem Reap!

My host took me to the local market and introduced me to Cambodian food. If you're brave, you can try just about anything here: insects, fish paste, grilled
mealworms, grasshoppers, whole frogs (sorry, "Signal the Frog")! After the first
overcoming, it's all surprisingly tasty. However, I couldn't bring myself to choose one speciality: Eggs with chicks in them are considered a delicacy here. I had to pass.
Recommend going to the night market with a local. Of course, everything here also costs a dollar for foreigners. However, if you have made friends with your tuk tuk driver or AirBnB
host, you can get everything here very cheaply. The two of us paid about $3.25 including drinks!

Definitely one of the most impressive geocaching adventures Asia has to offer!

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