Geocaching in Nassau, Bahamas - geocaching in a special place

Geocaching in Nassau, Bahamas: Cache in a special place on this earth. We would like to give some information for teams who want to visit this place combined with geocaching. We were on the road as a team Brummelbären and Blackcode. Creating a pocket query is done quickly here, all 6 caches seem to be accessible.

Geocaching in Nassau, Bahamas means geocaching in the capital of the Bahamas. Nassau is, to put it correctly, on the island of New Providence. It is connected to the neighboring island of Paradiese Island via a bridge. This is visible from afar through the large Hotel Atlantis. Nassau is quite hilly for an island town and is a popular cruise ship port. Therefore, there are a striking number of people in the town during the day. Nassau is known as a tax-free shopping oasis and for wonderful beaches. It is always best to get further information on tax exemption from the Internet, as there is a changing range of offers here. The coral reefs off the coast are coveted diving and snorkeling destinations for many people. The numerous buildings in pastel colors that date back to the British colonial era are very typical. One of the typical pink houses is the Government House.

Geocaching in Nassau, Bahamas: Shopping

For days we have been prepared on our cruise ship for the shopping paradise of Nassau, Bahamas. It is a tax haven as no VAT or tax is charged. There are also many special bargains. You should be able to buy branded watches with a five-digit value here by a quarter below the list price. Do you hear the irony in us? At least one has the feeling that taxes and taxes were added twice in advance in order to give the customer the feeling of being able to get a special bargain. However, this does not detract from the visit to Nassau, you should know the prices well and before compare place.

As soon as you disembark, a special atmosphere greets you. Music is played, everyone welcomes you – and then immediately a trip, a taxi or a special shop with special offers is suggested. We don't intend to do any major shopping, but we're happy to be greeted with music and the friendliness of the islanders. You say "no, thanks" and that's fine. We could not find any form of harassment that went beyond a speech. You can ask questions...

We had planned to first stroll up the main shopping street to have a look at the shops before heading for the most distant cache. The route was almost 500 m long. Why such a short distance: The range of caches is not huge, but the range of heat is...

Our team passed a few jewelry stores that we didn't bother to look at. Our interest in watches and jewelry was minimal. We looked into many a souvenir shop. For us, the term souvenir shop applies to all other shops that do not belong to the jewelry category. Souvenier here means everything you can take home with you and never need again. Beautiful bright colors radiate happiness and we can observe one or two bargains in holiday T-shirts from fellow travelers. We manage to get up the entire shopping mile without a purchase. But we couldn't make it without photos. The houses in bright pastel colors, which are more reminiscent of fishermen's houses, have done it to us. The cruise ships can always be seen in the background, towering over every house in the city.

Geocaching in Nassau, Bahamas

 Geocaching in Nassau, Bahamas

A geocacher can easily get the country point for the Bahamas here. However, the range of geocaches here is manageable. There are three Tradis and one Virtual right in the tourist center, within walking distance of every cruise ship. However, nothing more is known about geocaching here, an event in the form of an event did not take place here at the time, but there are often teams from Travelers planning such an event.

With the water taxi, taxi or on foot you can walk to the Hotel Atlantis, which can be seen from afar, and visit another virtual and traditional. While we found the logs fairly well stocked, the caches appear to be well maintained. The probability that you can log at least one country point is very high.

We go out of the cruise area to the right through the shopping area and have the Tradi "It's Fort Nassau, Mr. Bond", GC5HQQX, as our destination. At first we couldn't explain the name of the cache. However, anyone who can read the listing has a clear advantage. We don't "dare" to go through the specified hotel entrance either, but choose a way around the outside directly into the hotel garden. Not bad here. We act as if we belong here and first stroll through the garden. The hotel has its own stretch of beach. We settle down comfortably and while reading we find out that the fort once stood here and that the hotel has already been the setting for a James Bond film twice. The cache was placed with the consent and help of the hotel manager - we look quite relaxed at a cannon and quickly find it. With James Bond we got our country point of the Bahamas. Nice location, encouraged by the listing, we walk back outside through the imposing hotel lobby. We don't get any inquiries about what we're doing here. An event as part of an event could also be set up here on site. The next time…. The beginning of geocaching here was not bad...

The hotel lobby as a location from James Bond films

Our way continued to the “Cathedral Cache”, GC43MGV. After the listing we are looking for a Nano and the hiding place is very well described in the hint. With a flick of the wrist, my companion Blackcode held the Nano in his hand. Logging on the church wall in the shade and our tour continued.

The third trad on our way is called “Frederick Street Staircase Cache”, GC4427F and is located on a stairway near a church. We noticed with admiration how hand railings are built here. Take a look for yourself:

Geocaching in Nassau, Bahamas - handrail made of pipes

Our last goal for the morning was the Virtual “Parliament Square”, GCC41F from 2003. Here we had to complete three statements on a pillar. Even if the information for number 2 was quite difficult to see in the sun, we were able to collect the answers well. This should also make it possible to log the virtual in the Bahamas.

We treated ourselves to a pool break on the ship, which of course is always possible when the ship is right in town. 342 m from the virtual to the entrance of our cruise ship was the display of our device - a feasible way even in the heat. Since the prices for food and drink on site are of course adjusted to the many tourists, it can make sense to return to the ship.

Since we were supposed to be there by midnight, we were able to disembark again after the not inconsiderable midday heat. Well, actually I alone, my companion went on strike. I had chosen the way to the island of Paradiese Island by water taxi, but hadn't made a booking. You will find advertisements for the offer directly when leaving the ship. The Hotel Atlantis cannot be overlooked and another Virtual and Tradi was waiting for me there.

Geocaching in Nassau, Bahamas – Hotel Atlantis

With the Virtual “Atlantis”, GCC418, I wasn't sure at first. Our tour only passed here briefly, counting the animals for the virtual was not easy. Nevertheless, I received a logical number and got the log permission for the cache. Then it must have been correct…. Before I should come to the tradition of the island "Paradise Nano", I could still admire the sandy beach and the event that took place here. However, this was very well filled in the afternoon, without prior booking, no place could be obtained here. So I was more drawn back to the ship pool. Of course not without visiting the last accessible Nano in the Bahamas. It was almost impossible to do that here today without Muggles, but I think nobody was really surprised here.

Thus, all 6 reachable caches in Nassau, Bahamas, were actually found. Most of the time the logbooks were super full, with the Nanos I was able to press a “BB” in between for the Brummelbären. But all papers and cans are in good condition. Either well maintained by the owners or by the geocaching community that helps out here on the islands, be it creating or maintaining them. The geocaching country point Bahamas is definitely doable.

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