Geocaching in Petra

We were looking for a cache in the rock city of Petra in Jordan. There is a lot to admire and experience here.

First of all, we would like to draw your attention to our general text on visiting Petra. Today it's about caches in Petra, but you should have read about entry, how to get there, etc.

We have currently found 7 caches in Petra, plus our event at the entrance.

Of course, we don't give any information about solutions here. But no cache in Petra is so difficult that you couldn't get the solutions together. And it's fun to seek and find the answers. So you take a closer look at the rock faces, the "buildings" and everything you find.

It is not a problem to get an event unlocked in Petra as well. So not IN, but AT Petra. We choose the entrance sign "I Petra". This is off site but right by the entrance. Local cachers or other tourists could get there without paying admission. However, the density of local cachers does not seem to be high. You don't have to expect a lot of crowds at an event.


Virtuals in Petra

There are currently 2 virtual caches here. Neither are from the old Virtual, but from the newer pen, but from different passages. This can already be seen from the GC codes GC7B6VA and GC88ZBV. It's nice that owners who received one of these "as a gift" also thought of the rock city.

The Treasury

The fairly new virtual from June 2019 "The Treasury VR 2.0" (GC88ZBV) can hardly be missed. It is right next to the Treasury, the main square that you reach after walking through the Siq. There is a question to be answered, for which we have tried our guide. However, the answer can also be found on the internet. And the spot for the required photo is quickly found, you should have a flag of your home country with you or at least show it on your cell phone. Fair conditions, we found.

The second point is 4.8 km from the entrance. There are still a few meters of altitude to overcome. The Virtual Ad Dayr (The Monastery) (GC7B6VA) is not easy and quick to reach. The climb is of course worth it!

More caches

You can hardly avoid the earth cache "Petra Sandstone" (GC7X8T2). To be more precise: you will definitely come by. This is the first cache on the way through the Siq to the main square.

Laid down by a German owner, the questions in the listing can also be found in German, among other things. The iron bands described are easy to see, you don't have to be a geologist to answer the questions.

This is followed by the virtual "The Treasury VR 2.0" (GC88ZBV) described above. Another earth cache follows just a few meters further in the direction of Monastir. At Petra Al Khazneh (GC1V4ZY) there are 2 easy questions to answer and mainly to have been on site.

It follows for us the tradition "High Place of Sacrifice" (GC276V1). Also here - partly in German and a wonderful view. But you usually have a view from above – i.e. this cache is a few meters up. However, it can be combined well with Obelisk Cache (Petra) (GCV224). This tradition is after all from the year 2006 and is therefore one of the older caches. However, it is not the oldest cache from Petra, this one comes a bit further towards Monastir.

The oldest cache in Jordan can be found in Petra. The Tradi, simply called "Petra" (GC282A) dates from 2001 and should therefore be interesting for some caches. It is located at the castle and can be reached with a bit of a climb.

If you are already climbing up, you will find the 2nd virtual at Monastir, the furthest point from the entrance. Up to here you have walked 4.8 km from the entrance and have overcome a few meters in altitude.

Maybe there will be more caches in Petra in the future. There are enough places, but it's difficult to hide a little muggle-free here. Of course, earth and virtual caches make it much easier. Nevertheless, the "yield" of 7 caches in a day visit to Petra is not bad. There should also be enough time to enjoy the surroundings, the rocks, the walls, the "buildings".

In any case, we wish you lots of fun – and lots of success – on your visit to Petra. Tell us about it!

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